Regular Swedish massage only works on the Circulatory System. A New York Style Massage works on the Circulatory System, Lymphatic System and the fascia. It is a customized full body massage incorporating a unique variety of traditional and advanced massage techniques. It is only taught at the famous acupuncture and massage school, The New York College of Health Professions on Long Island. It allows you to experience an elevated level of relaxation with a therapeutic focus on your problem area. Always includes hot moist packs to soften back muscle, hot peppermint foot wraps and/or essential oils & Chinese liniment if needed.

1 hour and 10 minutes $90 
1 hour and 30 minutes $120



This is a New York Style Massage that incorporates a unique variety of traditional and advanced massage techniques. This is a great place to start for a first-time massage with us. It allows you to experience a more affordable "MassageFIX". Includes choice of oil, or lotion, and Warm Himalayan Salt Stones to the back.

1 hour $60 



This uniquely energizing full-body warm stone massage comes from Northern Pakistan where the elements in the salt stones vibrate at a resonance that turns off nasty free radicals in your body. This allows you to detox from all off the dangerous electromagnetic energy you are exposed to every day. You will absorb 80+ minerals directly into your skin as well. Who's up for a full body vitamin?

1 hour and 10 minutes $75 
1 hour and 30 minutes $100



Strip away every last ounce of tension from your type-A self with this unique metamorphic hot stone treatment geared at "mush-a-fying" every muscle in your back. These aren't your normal shiny, basalt-river stones found in most spas. These heavier stones have a high concentration of iron ore so they stay hotter, longer. This massage will make you forget your own name.

1 hour 30 minutes $135 



Ancient healing arts, deep tissue massage & the latest technology meet in an epic battle to crush your back, hip & neck pain by motivating deep tendons and muscles to cease their spasms and relax. We start with hot stones, acupressure magnets and the power of advanced MediCupping™ Vacuum Therapies*. Manual deep tissue techniques may also be used, along with herbal liniments. Your pain won’t know what century hit it. *Some tenderness may occur for a few days. Skin redness may occur and last several days or weeks depending on the level of old congested blood and fluids that you have built up in the soft tissues. This is not bruising or tissue damage. MediCupping™ after care instructions will be given to maximize your treatment effectiveness.

1 hour $115



Pain and restrictions from old (or new) injuries or surgeries can be super annoying to an active person. Get back to your busy life with less pain and renewed energy. We will assess your area of dysfunction and formulate a plan to restore the area to full function with the latest lymphatic drainage and soft tissue technologies such as MediCupping™, fascial bending & magnetic acupressure. The road to healing can begin here.

1 hour $115



Lymphatic drainage is key to resisting germs that cause colds, flus and other infections. It’s simple: if your lymph nodes are clear, they can deal with new germ-invaders. If they’re clogged with old, sticky, dead germs that never moved out of the body, they’ll not be able to kill new germs for you. Get a fresh new Lymphatic system with our VacuTherapies™Body Cocoon and fight Old Man Winter in the most proactive way possible. Also great for clients suffering from auto-immune disorders, inflammatory conditions or those needing detox from toxic medications given during recent illnesses. This is a very gentle and relaxing MediCupping™ treatment.

1 hour 30 minutes $150



3-5 times more effective than the Traditional Deep Tissue Massage. MediCupping™ uses a machine attached to glass or plastic cups (laid on your skin) to create suction and pumping movements. This creates a soothing, consistent and effective treatment to deeper soft tissue without strain on the client. MediCupping™ can be used as an adjunct therapy to chiropractic manipulations, medical protocols and surgical recovery. One of the most amazing aspects of this technique is the “separation” that the vacuum produces in tissue layers. This enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue as well as the elimination of old waste and congestion.Along with the substantial health benefits of clearing old debris, the use of suction is invaluable in releasing soft tissue, scars and restricted fascia. One experience will leave you asking … “Why didn’t someone show me this before?”  Learn more HERE....

30 minutes $55
45 minutes $85
60 minutes $115



"Deep tissue" refers to a specific area of tissue that is "stuck" deeper in the body, not the pressure that is used. You, your pressure tolerance & rebounding/spasming of the muscles decides just how heavy the pressure will be. This is not a full body. This massage begins with the therapist using her hands and some form of heat (hot packs or hot stones) and an analgesic liniment such as Tiger Balm or Sombra. The purpose to this treatment is to remove adhesions in the tendon, muscle and fascia by using compressive, elongating force. Occasionally stretching is used. Therapeutic inflammation may occur with noticeable tenderness & reduced performance for up to 48 hours. Icing instructions will be given.

30 minutes $55
45 minutes $85
60 minutes $115



Skin begins to sag and wrinkle when toxins enter it’s layers and break down collagen and elastin. Reverse this destruction today by moving the stagnant fluids out of the face and encouraging new collagen and elastin fibers to grow with Micro MediCupping™. It is specifically designed for the delicate facial tissue and it’s lymph system. To be done at least two weeks prior to any special event.

45 minutes $85 



Simply the best tension tamer for those overworked facial muscles that are worn out from scowling, smiling and smirking all day. Once your facial tissue can truly relax, nutrients can flow to the cells better and time lines can decrease. This is a great soft tissue prep for our Facial Tightening and Lifting treatment. Don't worry, we can call your face an Uber when it's all over!

30 minutes $55



Soothe your sinuses, ease tension headaches & tighten the soft tissue of the face for a more youthful appearance with our unique cold Moon Stones. Choose between Apricot Kernel oil, Coconut oil or Vitamin C lotion. Enhance this treatment even further by choosing one of our single note essential oils.

30 minutes $40



Used for those not able to be face down on the table/face cradle such as pregnant women.  It can allow for the release of  unique tensions within the muscles of expectant mothers, while giving baby a more relaxed and nurturing environment in which to grow and thrive.  OBGYN referral required for prenatal.

 1 hour $90


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*All prices based on massage speed, pressure, supplies and time required. More of any of these by themselves or in combination make the service more expensive.