Who is MassageFIX?Melissa Strautman, LMT

Hey everyone, I'm Melissa Strautman, Founder, and Lead Massage Therapist of MassageFIX. Thanks so much for taking the time to find out more about us!

I’m here to put an end to the LIE that you have to deal with needless chronic suffering!   I worked full-time overnight with three small children to put myself through massage therapy college in New York so that I could know how to take client’s pain and stress and turn it around for good. That’s what I strive to do for each individual client at MassageFIX.

Listen, I’ve been through it all. When I graduated from The New York College of Health Professions  in 1999, I was on "cloud nine."  I landed the premier job in the whole U.S.: Naturopathica of East Hampton, New York.  I got to work with (and learned from) some of the Greats in the massage industry. I'm privileged to have worked with celebrities, done yoga with Tibetan monks, received a job offer from a professional basketball team, and a staff position with a famous movie director (who was hosting a former president that weekend).  Who wouldn’t love that life, right? Me, that’s who. I was starving for more challenges. So, I took a side job learning clinical massage in the PT unit of a Chiropractic/Neurology center.

This is where I took all of my intense education and applied it for real clinical results that the client could FEEL.  I saw clients HEAL from pain and from mental stress like never before!!   I was hooked!  I decided everyone should experience this HEALING!

At MassageFIX, we take our time getting to know your unique body and health with a detailed intake form and personalized consultation.  You and our stellar LMTs will design how your massage is going to be from start to finish.  You will get what you pay for or your money back! Image courtesy of nirots at FreeDigitalPhotos.netWe take the utmost care to make sure your massage environment is safe, warm, clean and appropriate at all times.  You get to decide on EVERYTHING from aromatherapy, music, lighting, temperature and even the conversation (or not).

It’s all about YOU at MassageFIX every time, not just the first time! We offer the greatest value you can buy.  You never pay more for the extras in my Signature New York Style massage:

  • Hot peppermint foot wraps
  • Hot tables
  • Hot stones
  • Hot moist packs
  • Aromatherapy
  • Muscle liniments
  • Ice packs if needed
  • We can even arrange for a 30 minute meditation time prior to your massage so that you can shut your noisy brain off and truly enjoy what you are paying for.

What we have created for YOU at MassageFIX is the ultimate in the healing art of massage therapy.  No, we don’t walk on your back, use detox waters/salts or do energy work.  We just do the basics and we do them right! We are constantly reviewing what’s hot in the massage world and if you don’t see it on our menu, that’s because it doesn’t really solve a problem better than what we already have.

It’s always our experience that you can count on to do exactly what you need it to.  That’s how it should always be and if we can’t help you, we will find you someone who can and follow through until you’ve reached healing. We have a network of local medical professionals that we work cooperatively with for referrals and knowledge support when we have a tough massage case.

When you become our client…..we become partners in your total health. We’ve helped my clients with too many ailments to mention…..but I’ll give it a whirl

  • carpal tunnel
  • fibromyalgia
  • low back aches
  • stiff necks
  • headaches
  • pms
  • mental illness
  • grief
  • frozen shoulder
  • insomnia
  • sinus congestion……..and so many many more.

Nothing makes us happier and excited then to hear from a client who is practically shedding tears of joy that they don’t feel the pain anymore, or that they slept a full night for the first time in months.  Ohhh, I just got goose bumps all over again.

Valued clients always get preferential treatment on waitlists and any sales or promotions that we decide to do. If you decide to receive emails from us, please know we don’t spam or sell your information.  We use this tool to let our most valued customers know how they can save time and money on massage services periodically.

Another great way to see what news and specials that I offer to the public is to LIKE our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MassageFIX/.

We're looking forward to show you the MassageFIX difference,

Melissa Strautman, LMT (click for full Bio)

270-904-3474 melissa@massagefix.net

...in the Thoroughbred Square 1945 Scottsville Rd, Ste C3, Bowling Green, KY 42104