About MassageFIX®

MassageFIX® was recognized #1 in 2022 as the best massage therapy business in the state of Kentucky, according to Top Rated Local, which aggregates data from review sites. MassageFIX® is a fresh new therapeutic massage concept that uses the latest high-tech tools to solve pain and stress, such as:


Far Infrared Light


Kinesio Taping®


Percussive Therapy

We also work in conjunction with local Physical Therapists and Chiropractors to bring a more holistic treatment plan together for their clients. 

MassageFIX® arrived in Bowling Green in late 2012 and is now located directly behind Rafferty's. Licensed Massage Therapist and co-owner Melissa Strautman is a twenty-three-year veteran massage therapist that received her degree in massage therapy from the New York College of Health Profession in Syossett, New York (just outside NYC). At this world-renowned Traditional Chinese Medical School, she studied with physicians and Tai Chi masters from all over the globe. She graduated in the top of her class and claimed one of the most coveted jobs in the industry, working for Naturopathica of East Hampton, New York.

With oats well sown and an entrepreneurial spirit calling, she left to start her own business on Long Island. She later relocated to Bowling Green to raise her three children in a more family-friendly community. She and her husband, Michael, a former professional jazz musician and instructor at WKU, now run the four-room office together Tuesday through Saturday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

MassageFIX® does not accept insurance at this time, but clients have successfully used their FSA and HSA cards to pay for their treatments. The massage therapists can write and send any treatment notes needed to clients, insurance companies, attorneys, or other healthcare practitioners with a HIPPA release. Booking is also effortless, with our online booking site located on our website's front page. 

MassageFIX® has been years ahead of the new CDC cleanliness guidelines by using many of the EPA's N List disinfectants and detergents. We have a dedicated cleaning staff and as added safety bonus to clients, we have a new HVAC system that removes the air in every treatment room so that no nasty respiratory-micro particulate builds up. Safety is a high priority to us.

Our most popular massage is the 70 min New York Style Signature Massage. In this massage, clients can benefit from both incredible relaxation and specific therapeutic help for their issues. This massage is different from a typical Swedish massage that works on the muscles and affects the circulatory system. It also works on the lymphatic system and the fascial system. A New York Style Signature Massage is a much more comprehensive massage approach to the body. With this massage, we include hot moist packs, hot peppermint foot wraps, and your choice of oil or lotion. Therapists can use various other therapeutic tools to aid them, such as essential oils, hot and cold liniments, gua sha stones, warm Himalayan salt stones, silicone massage cups, and Acu-Pulse tool.

After one of MassageFIX®'s massage therapists has thoroughly assessed your body during a New York Style Signature Massage, they will be able to tell you:

  1. What the LMT accomplished in your list of ailments.
  2. What they were not able to accomplish.
  3. What needs to be done next to achieve your goals.
  4. How to achieve your goals.
  5. Give any outside referrals or recommendations you may need. 

Therapists write detailed documentation and store it in HIPPA compliant software so that supervisory staff can double-check that client care and communication are happening at the highest level. 

MassageFIX® strives for excellence in every area of its business because we care about our staff, clients, industry, and Bowling Green. One of our significant concerns and efforts in Bowling Green is to be an outspoken advocate for legal, licensed massage therapy. All therapists at MassageFIX® hold Kentucky State Licenses, do continuing education, are members of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, and are certified in MediCupping™. All therapists' state licenses are posted at the front door for customers to see and verify online at https://oop.ky.gov/lic_search.aspx.

Let's get started on "Your journey to PAIN FREE." Don't take our word for it.... Review the below client testimonials. If you have any questions, our therapists are available for FREE consultations to help you decide the best service for your problem.