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OUR MOST POPULAR MASSAGE BY FAR! Regular Swedish massage only works on the Circulatory System. A New York style massage works on the Circulatory System, Lymphatic System and the fascia. This is a customized full body massage that allows you to experience an elevated level of relaxation with a therapeutic focus on your problem area(s) (up to two). Always includes hot moist packs to soften back muscles, hot peppermint foot wraps and choice of premium oil or lotion. Essential oils & Chinese liniment used if needed or upon request. You choose your pressure level.

1 hour and 10 minutes $95 
1 hour and 30 minutes $125


Sweeping London & New York. Former fans of botox and plastic surgery are opting for healthier, less expensive facial workouts to remove signs of age and stress from their faces. This non-invasive treatment drains old dirty fluids, remodels fine & deep lines and lifts deep muscles so well that clients are truly shocked. You can defeat the elements that are dragging your face down and start fresh. 

Includes: warm Himalayan salt stones, derma roller, hand massage, sweet almond oil, gua sha stone, plus MC600 MicroCupping machine, PureLift™ 3-wave electric muscle stimulator with collagen serum (types I, III and IV). 

60 minutes $94


THIS IS NOT A FULL BODY MASSAGE. You get to decide just how heavy the pressure will be. This massage begins with the therapist using some form of heat (hot packs or hot stones) and an analgesic liniment such as Tiger Balm or Sombra. The purpose to this treatment is to remove adhesions in the tendons, muscles and fascia by using compressive, elongating force. Occasionally stretching is used. Therapeutic inflammation may occur with noticeable tenderness & reduced performance for up to 48 hours. Icing instructions will be given.

30 minutes $60
45 minutes $90
60 minutes $120


Come experience our new PREGO PILLOW. It allows expectant mothers, in all trimesters, to enjoy laying face down while receiving a normal massage. OBGYN referral required for prenatal.

 1 hour $95


This is a 60 to 90 minute relaxation massage with one area of focus. Please book AT LEAST two weeks in advance. All bookings for couples must go through our receptionist. We require half of the cost down as a deposit. The deposit is non-refundable within 24 hours of the scheduled service or if you are a no-show. Call to request a booking 270.904.3474.

60 minutes $160
90 minutes $210


Select one or more of these add-on treatments to accompany your massage.

Level 5 Non-THC CBD oil (one area)  $20
MediCupping™ or Deep Tissue (one area) 15 min  $30
Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil Foot Scrub, 15 min  $25
Cold Stone Sinus/Headache-Massage w/Essential oils, 15 min  $25
Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Facial-Massage, 15 min  $25

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*All prices based on massage speed, pressure, supplies and time required. More of any of these by themselves or in combination make the service more expensive. Prices are subject to change without notice.