Re-Opening Day is Tuesday, May 26th!

We are so excited to announce our re-opening Day, and can’t wait to see all of you. Read all the details below to know what to do:

  • when you book
  • when you arrive
  • when you are in the massage
  • and how we are working to protect you

Getting Back to My Massage

All bookings, payments and paperwork will need to be done online. Once you book and pay for a massage, we will send you a link to fill out a new COVID-19 Informed Consent 48 hours prior to your massage, if you’ve been here before. If you are new we will send you that form plus your initial intake and health history paperwork via email or text link. We cannot accept any paper forms at this time.

It is mandatory that all guests and staff wear a mask while on site* except while face down on a massage table. We will provide this. Your therapist has to wear gloves if touching your face.


Our new guidelines require us to close our common areas (lobby, break room, etc)

  • When you arrive, stay in your car.
  • You will call us (270-904-3474) and let us know that you are here
  • You will be asked four COVID-19 questions
  • We will call you back when it is time to come in
  • We will instruct you on hand sanitization protocol and give you a mask to wear for the entire time while you are on site. You may bring your own mask
  • If you wear gloves in, you will have to remove them and sanitize your hands
  • Your temperature will be taken and must be less than 100
  • You will stand and wait for your therapist.
  • Once in the room, please refrain from touching anything unnecessarily. You must keep your mask on at all times, except when prone


  • We have temporarily removed all facial and TMJ massage from the menu.
  • Our sauna is temporarily closed to the public.
  • We have a new HVAC system that replaces the air in each room with outside air.
  • We wash all laundry with the highest enzyme detergent (Persil or Tide), OxiClean and Lysol Laundry Sanitizer (kills COVID-19)
  • We are sanitizing our employee’s uniforms in-house each day
  • We are adhering to strict CDC guidelines for all hand washing and increased facility sanitization (every surface, every hour) with EPA COVID-19 killing disinfectants
  • We’ve installed touchless light switches in the bathroom and prep areas
  • We’ve installed touchless garbage cans
  • We have posted all pertinent CDC notifications as to social distancing, PPE donning/doffing, symptoms, occupancy, hand sanitization, etc
  • Our employees have received additional training in sanitization and PPE
  • We screen all staff and clients every day for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • We have staggered appointment times and are adhering to the new reduced occupancy guidance.
  • We have installed a sneeze guard at the front desk.
  • We provide sanitized canvas masks for your use while on site.
  • We now have vinyl coverings over our table heaters that can be sanitized after each client.
  • We have installed a toilet seat cover dispenser in the bathroom
  • We have increased the time the therapist has to sanitize the treatment room after each massage.
  • In order to modify traffic flow and to minimize contacts between employees and clients, some clients will exit through the back door. 
  • It is not practical at this time to have separate hours for seniors or those that fall into the CDC’s “high risk” category. We encourage those folks to wait to receive massage until after the pandemic is over.

If you have any concerns or questions for us concerning your safety, please call me, Melissa Strautman, owner & designated Healthy at Work Safety Officer.

*MASKS : the new 5/15/20 massage therapy guidance says,  Massage therapy businesses should ensure clients and other visitors (e.g., suppliers and vendors) wear face masks while on the premises unless doing so would present a serious risk to their health or safety.”  

This exemption is not for those who just don’t want to wear the mask or have an objection to it. If you fall into this “serious health risk” category, please let us know far in advance and we will remove your restriction to wear a mask in the treatment room, AS LONG AS, your therapist is truly okay with it. If your therapist doesn’t feel safe in this situation, we can rebook you with an LMT who does feel safe in this situation or reschedule you when the mask restrictions are lifted.

COVID-19 Notice
On May 25, 2020, KY Massage Therapy businesses were allowed to reopen by order of Gov. Beshear. Employees and clients are required to wear masks to the greatest extent practicable. For specifics on what MassageFIX is doing to keep you safe, please click below for further information.