MassageFIX New Location in February 2020

MassageFIX is now located in Thoroughbred Square behind Rafferty’s.

Fast forward 23 years from the first day in my New York massage therapy school, and I can’t believe where I am. In just a few short weeks, we will be opening our first (of many, I hope) multiple-room facilities with a full-time reception desk, far infrared sauna, Kinesio Taping®, and fabulous dessert teas free for our guests. I never thought that I’d be able to offer my loyal clients these amenities. I never thought I’d have such a talented, dedicated and professional team to work alongside. 

Undoubtedly, you all have seen our sign up as you lunched at Rafferty’s or snuck out for your late-night Stakz fix. We wanted to obscure the construction mess as best as possible for the adjacent tenants and let you get your bearings for future visits. It seems to have worked. I feel like our clients are just as excited for us as we are, but then again, our clients show us so much love, we shouldn’t expect a different response.

Our general manager, Michael Strautman, has been hard at work organizing a million details that go into such a huge undertaking, so bear with us if we have a few initial bumps in the road. We’ve already been told that getting our internet connection up in a smooth and timely fashion may be a challenge. That’s how we run our cash register and answer our phone. Minor details, right? We intend to suggest, at least for the first few days, that everyone bring cash or check as the best form of payment. No one needs added stress after getting un-stressed in a massage. Don’t worry, our new receptionist, Rhonda, will be calling everyone to let them know where to go and how to pay. 

For the continuity of our clients, our menu of services and hours of operation will stay the same for now. We certainly hope to add more therapists, more open-hours, and more menu options as we grow. So, if you know any great therapists who want to join our team, send them our way. If they have high professional standards, talent, and a great work ethic, we’d love to have them on our team.

As a final word, I’d just like to thank our incredibly talented builder Richard Zoellner and amazingly generous landlord, Mr. Harvey Johnston. We have been so humbled by their excitement for us and entrepreneurial encouragement. 

Lord willing, this is going to be a great journey for all of us!

MassageFIX is making waves everywhere!
Home of the 2022 American Swedish Massage Champion and 2023 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame inductee, Melissa Strautman, LMT. Thanks to our wonderful clients, MassageFIX is also the #1 rated massage business in the state according to Top Rated Local.