Hooray MassageFIX! 2nd Place Winner!

According to Top Rated Local®, MassageFIX® is now in second place for all massage therapy businesses in Kentucky. We are also the #6 Business in the whole state of Kentucky. Top Rated Local® analyzes ratings & reviews from hundreds of verified review sites online and then ranks businesses based on their overall rating score.  


How MassageFIX® Got To #2

Consistent service quality, over-the-top customer service, cleanliness, and going beyond industry professionalism are just the bare minimum of our standards. We start higher and strive further because Bowling-Greenies deserve to have only the best. We are not a spa, and we never will be. Don’t get me wrong, that has its place – sign me up for a week at Canyon Ranch any day. MassageFIX® just simply has a different vision. We want to use the most advanced therapy known to FIX your pain as fast as possible. We spare no expense in training our staff and providing the education and tools to do their job better than the average massage therapist. Based on our years of experience, we believe that we can do in 2-3 visits what it takes other massage therapists months or even years to accomplish. Now that’s saving money, time, and a whole lot of discomfort for the client. 

Most massage therapists enter the marketplace with a basic education from their massage therapy school. That’s good, but it doesn’t help the therapist rise above the crowd – and they really could with just the right push in just the right direction if they are willing to learn. Over my twenty-two years as a massage therapist, school instructor, consultant, and writer, I can see clearly what’s missing, and it is precisely the reason MassageFIX® exists. So, what needs improvement?

  1. Detective-like intake procedures
  2. Timely clinical documentation of each massage – for more efficient treatment and communication with the client and other health care providers.
  3. Clinical treatment plans that give specific next-steps to the client on how to most effectively solve their problem
  4. Access to mentorship in a clinically supervised environment so that no pathology is too difficult for the therapist to tackle properly
  5. Sanitation knowledge and consistent application
  6. Staying current with the latest tools and techniques
  7. Better cooperative relationships with PTs, Chiropractors & other health professionals for the faster recovery of our clients and the reputation of massage therapy in our communities

So, How does MassageFIX® reach these goals and save you time, money, and pain?

When a new licensed massage therapist joins our staff, our onboarding procedure is basically like any other job. We show them where everything is, our policies and procedures, and fit them for a uniform. At this stage, we allow them to do these services:

  1. Basic Full Body Swedish Style Massage
  2. Basic Target Area Massage (aka “deep tissue”)
  3. Relaxing Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
  4. Prenatal Massage
  5. Couples Massage
  6. Teen Massage

Once they’ve got the hang of things in our office and we see their professionalism, integrity, and how well they work in a team, we may offer them the chance to enter our Advanced Clinical Therapy Program™. This training requires one-on-one mentorship with our founder (me), much higher critical thinking skills, clinical soap notes, and measurable outcomes for the client. These therapists may add these services to what they can perform:

  1. New York Style Signature Massage™
  2. MediCupping™
  3. PowerFACE™
  4. Immune System Reboot Treatment™
  5. Kinesio Taping®
  6. Just FIX Me™
  7. Graston Technique®

This program allows our therapists to increase their pay by over 27%, and we are super flexible with their work hours. They can take a few massages a week or put in forty hours, and time off is never a problem. We believe in work-life balance. Most massage offices have their therapist providing supplies, doing laundry, and scrubbing toilets. We don’t! We have a whole team that does all that for them, and we make sure they have the best of the best in equipment and supplies. As the famous Marcus Lemonis of NBC’s THE PROFIT says, “It’s all about the people, process and product.” Our people are passionate about massage and are super talented. Our process is unique and progressive, and our product is second-to-none. 

So, how does MassageFIX® get to #1 in 2022?

Well, it would be great if Top Rated Local® would differentiate us from the spa in Lexington that took first place, but alas – they don’t understand the difference between a massage spa and a Clinical Massage Therapy Center. Those who’ve experienced MassageFIX® get it right away, and we want the rest of Kentucky to know they have a real choice regarding massage standards and recovery from pain. SO WE NEED YOUR HELP!

It’s all about good legitimate reviews. We currently have 76 reviews on the top five verified review sites. The spa that won has 407. We are woefully behind, and we know more of you out there would love to tell your massage story with us. Can we count on your support? Would you please click this link:MassageFIX® on Top Rated Local®, scroll to the bottom of the page, and give us a review, or better yet, one review on all the top five sites? We would truly appreciate it! 


Thank you in advance, 

Melissa Strautman, AOS, LMT, CKTP, GTP

Owner of MassageFIX

MassageFIX is making waves everywhere!
Home of the 2022 American Swedish Massage Champion and 2023 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame inductee, Melissa Strautman, LMT. Thanks to our wonderful clients, MassageFIX is also the #1 rated massage business in the state according to Top Rated Local.