DETOX Your Pain With Far Infrared Light Waves

Our bodies have loads of toxins stored throughout, especially in our fat cells. We can’t avoid this happening, and we wouldn’t want to. It’s our body’s way of protecting us from dangerous chemicals. Unfortunately, some of these fat-toxins remain for decades and will slowly leak out into our bloodstream. Toxin-leakage sets us up for a whole host of preventable diseases and can adversely affect the endocrine, immune, nervous and reproductive systems. The Corona Virus has made us all aware of how important it is to have the best immune system we can.

In the 1980s, physicians and researchers of the Hubbard Protocol discovered that the toxin level in the bloodstream and fat cells fell by 25-30% just from increasing sweat for a short time. Immediate improvements in IQ, neurocognitive function, ability to work, PAIN, respiratory symptoms, and less fatigue occurred. In a 2010 study, Infrared Saunas helped eliminate heavy metals and man-made toxins more efficiently than exercise alone. Diseases need a toxic environment to survive, and chronic pain is an indicator of a dirty/acidic internal body. To understand this process in more detail, read Do Saunas Help Remove Toxins From the Body?

A far infrared sauna session is like taking a shower on your insides. Once the far-infrared light waves directly penetrate the fat cells, it heats them and releases the toxins that are then drawn quickly to the open, warmed skin pores. It’s really pretty basic science. Dr. Josh Axe and his team do a great job of explaining this process in Infrared Sauna Treatment. Are the claims backed up?

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