Corona Virus – MassageFIX’s Response.

Well, first of all, we are not panicking. We are continuing our sensible and proactive approach. We’ve always had excellent protocols when it comes to cleaning our office, and especially cleaning and sanitizing a room after a massage treatment. We even use all white sheets and towels so that there is no dirt hidden from you or us. 

Here are just a few of our Type-A-OCD-germ-a-phobe requirements:

  • hand washing videos and education for all staff members
  • hand washing required by all staff before and after every treatment, eating or using the bathroom.
  • disposable gloves for cleaning 
  • sterile gloves for intra-oral massage
  • Two types of alcohol wipes and a spray for cleaning specific non-porous tools & surfaces
  • chlorine bleach for sheets
  • hottest water and longest cycles for laundry
  • apple cider vinegar for wood surfaces
  • hand gel in every room
  • paper, not cloth to dry hands
  • three types of hospital grade disinfectants made from less toxic ingredients. 90 seconds, 60 seconds, and 30 seconds to sanitized for different surfaces throughout the office.
  • therapists can’t have any jewelry below the elbows and nails must be very short
  • we provide Listerine for everyone’s use in the bathroom
  • we sanitize the bathroom at least twice per day
  • we send clients and staff home who are visibly sick 
  • we diffuse anti-viral lavender into the air throughout our facility

We feel that we are doing all we can rationally do to prevent cross-contamination on an everyday basis and even during this Corona Virus scare. If we all wash our hands and stop touching our faces, there will be less contamination all around.