The Magic of Kinesio Taping®

Kinesio Taping® is a specialized tape that holds soft tissue layers open for 3-5 days. Healthy fluid exchange can then bathe an injury and keep muscles from spasming until the body forgets the spasm pattern. It’s a true miracle. Depending on how the tape is cut and applied, it can also stimulate an underactive muscle[…]

20 Red Flags to a BAD Massage Therapist

Well, I thought after the 2020-shut-down-year, it couldn’t get any worse, but I’m afraid it has. Yes, I am referring to the two male massage therapists here in Bowling Green that have recently admitted to sexually assaulting their female massage clients. Our hearts go out to those women and their families who now have to[…]

MediCupping™ For Your Pain

MediCupping™* is three to five times more effective than traditional Deep Tissue massage or Target Area massages because it doesn’t just help remove painful knots (adhesions); it helps heal the soft tissue dysfunction creating the problem in the first place. Massage compresses into the tissue. Cupping pulls the tissue layers out and apart to decompress[…]

Finally, The Perfect CBD – FDA approved!

We’ve waited a very long time to find the perfect CBD product to offer our clients. We never thought we’d find the ideal product that is FDA approved, independent third-party lab tested, and completely THC-FREE—introducing CBD CLINIC’s Level 5 CBD oil and Pain Stick. Our Client’s favorite CBD Clinic facts Level 5 CBD Clinic lasts[…]

Massage or MASSAGE THERAPY? Big difference!

We have a saying at MassageFIX, “It isn’t massage “therapy” without documentation.” Have you ever felt that your massage therapist forgot what she worked on in your last massage? I get incredibly annoyed when I’ve paid a therapist good money to help me through a problem, only to start at the beginning every time. Why[…]

The MassageFIX® Report-Post COVID-19

With talk from our Federal government of “gaiting and non-rebound” statistics moving us into three phases(1.) of business openings and workers getting back to work, it’s time to start thinking about what that means for the massage industry. 99.87% of massages that we do at MassageFIX® are for pain or pain/stress. Five out of the[…]

Cash In Times of Need

Where does an LMT Get money during a time of crisis, like COVID-19? You’ve no doubt seen various small business owners requesting the general public pitch in and purchase gift cards for later use, to keep some revenue coming in. These businesses are fortunate that they can also apply for some more substantial-than-usual SBA disaster[…]

MassageFIX for Little Rascals

We get asked all the time if we work on children. The answer is yes, under certain circumstances.  It’s not unusual for parents to bring their pre-teen and teenage children in to see us for sports injuries. We’ve seen baseball, softball, football, cheerleading, archery and running injuries from some of Bowling Green’s most athletic children[…]

Is Your Massage Therapist Legal??

The real question is, do you know for sure that the massage therapist you last saw, works for a legitimate licensed massage therapy center, or do they work for a business that contributes to illegal prostitution, organized crime, and human trafficking? Why am I even asking this question? It all started with the first questionable[…]

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